Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Arduino project

Because I have impeccable taste, the original Ghostbusters happens to be my favorite movie.  When I was 6, I knew I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I'm a grown man now, a functioning member of society.  Although I no longer believe in ghosts, I do still believe I want to be a Ghostbuster.

A few halloweens back, my friend Chris and I worked together to make some costumes and wear them to work.  Chris was a little iffy on dressing up, but we both wanted to solder things.  Together, we figured out how to build the interactive lights and sounds using an Arduino and a breadboard.  It took a lot of research, but our efforts paid off.

Following blueprints from Stefan on, I pieced a prototype shell together using polystyrene, glue, and auto body filler.  When it was ready, the pack was molded and rubber and several fiberglass pulls were made from the mold.

We painted our packs, and got them ready for Halloween.  Unfortunately, corners were cut in the interest of the Halloween deadline, and the lights and sound were never added.

Although the pack served me well, it just wasn't a satisfactory ending to leave the pack incomplete.  I've been working here and there to finish the project.

Thanks for the large fan community, we were able to get the original brass fittings, screws, and parts.  Unfortunately, after several moves, I have everything I need except the workspace to paint, cut, and assemble the pile of pieces.  

It is my hope that sometime in the future I'll be able to get access to a proper garage or workshop.  When that happens, I'll be posting the progress here.